Sunday, July 6, 2014

Planning and stitching are underway by KHQ and LQG members... the quilt show is less than a year away! The hours dedicated to stitching are precious and few.

Award winning entry, hand appliqued and quilted by Simone Lynch, Quilts Kingston 2012
QUILTS KINGSTON 2012 Remembered:
The several hundred quilts that we so enjoyed sharing with visitors during Quilts Kingston 2012 were the beautiful work of the Kingston Heirloom Quilters and Limestone Quilters Guild members. The quilts inspired many as they came to the  Royal Kingston Curling Club and walked the display of QUILTS KINGSTON 2012. This Show was certainly a wonderful three-day event, and the stunning display was recognized as being synonymous with the skill and renown of the quilters in our beautiful city...

Created over several years as part of a LQG "Guild Challenge" project by Lorna Grice
Members of both of our Kingston groups work together to support the sharing of the skills required to create beautifully executed quilts, using both hand and machine techniques. We recognize that by opening the doors of our group meetings to everyone interested in this centuries old craft, we preserve for the generations to come a precious way to save and protect the fabrics we love, and the various patterns and block variations that have been passed down through the years. We also celebrate those members whose work is original and contemporary in both design and technique.
Working together during meetings, and in small groups that gather in homes to create Community Quilts for donation to those in need including the orphanages in Chernobyl, our area hospitals and hospice support centres, and gifting quilts to those who have serious illness or have suffered loss due to fires or accidents are an important part of what we do. We have donated hundreds of quilts.
Members of the quilt community in Kingston and area enjoy the study of the quilts that were made more than a century ago. An example is the Reproduction Quilt Club that meets at Stitch By Stitch once a month to work with fabrics representative of those used in the mid-1800's. The members of this club have made numerous special/personal quilts, and continue to love working in miniature (scaled reproduction blocks from patterns in quilts perhaps created by their great-great-grandmothers) and chatting about what life might have been like for those who walked before us.

A series of miniature quilts made by Reproduction Club members and mounted
on a finished "under-quilt" for display at Quilts Kingston 2012
Many of the members of our Kingston Quilt Guilds/Groups create stunning quilts in the classroom of with talented Quilt Instructors that are sharing their knowledge an expertise in the classrooms of our local Quilt Shops, Community College and at special retreats and Quilt Conferences across Ontario and beyond. The ongoing support for classes that enrich the lives of our quilters is an important part of the "gearing up" for future Quilt Shows like our Quilts Kingston 2015 exhibition that is fast approaching.
The area classrooms are a place to learn new techniques, perfect the use and enjoyment of a quilter's hand and machine skills and most importantly gather to share stories and the pure joy of quilt making. We love and support our local shop owners who are committed to stocking the supplies we need, the latest and best machines we all covet for our work, and supplying the inspiration for working in a focused way to learn and grow the craft for the future. All ages  are welcome, regardless of skill level... and beginners are encouraged to come and join in on the fun. Special thanks to our fabric shop owners and College administration and especially those who specialize in stocking, repairing and maintaining our sewing machines. Where would we be without you!
Pickle Dish Quilt created by Diane Hogan
in a course with Loreene King-McGill at Stitch by Stitch
In 2011-12, creating quilts for the WAR OF 1812 Quilt Show was a focus for many of our area quilters. The celebration of the men and women who fought in and supported this infamous war effort was on everyone's mind as they created special quilts shared at the Armories in Sacket's Harbour, NY. A number of members of the Limestone Quilters Guild and Kingston Heirloom Quilters participated, and we had a special sharing of their quilts in our 2012 show. The traveling exhibition of War of 1812 Quilt Show quilts will be in Clayton, NY in August 2014, an easy drive from Kingston via the Thousand Islands bridges or via the Wolfe Island and Horne's Ferry system across Lake Ontario. Details here

War of 1812 Quilt Show entry by Limestone Guild member
Jeanne Stoness, 2012
Many of our KHQ/LQG members are also enjoying the opportunity for the sharing of specialized techniques as they participate with other groups in our Community and area. There are MANY small groups that meet together to enjoy the art of quilt making together. Others belong to Guilds in neighboring towns, local churches in the area and in national (Canadian Quilters Association) and international groups (Studio Art Quilt Associates; American Quilters Society) to share their love of quilts with friends old and new. They enter their quilts in competitions and exhibitions through Calls To Entry. Some quilts are chosen to travel to Quilt Shows across the country and province.

This stunning quilt made by Hilary Scanlon
traveled across Ontario with the THREADWORKS Show from 2010-2013

Sampler Quilt made by Linda Hetherington while a member
of the Storrington Quilters in Sunbury, ON
We anxiously await the QUILTS KINGSTON 2015 Show and know our members are working in a focused way, and with the exiting flurry of stitching and quilting to create the beautiful quilts you will enjoy during next year's Quilt Show. Recognized by our visitors show after show as "ONE OF THE VERY BEST" Quilt Shows in Canada, we draw visitors from around the country, province and nearby New York state and beyond. The hundreds of quilts you will enjoy will each be truly exceptional. Our plans for several demonstration areas and guest Needle Arts Guilds and Groups are sure to be a special part of your journey through the display floor.
Our Merchant's Mall is always exceptional, with many new and returning vendors who recognize Kingston as a premier venue for their shops and businesses in which to be represented. We will have many wonderful vendors in 2015, and encourage you to plan to bring your $$$  to support our visiting Shops/Vendors while you enjoy our Quilt Show.
Please mark your calendar for QUILTS KINGSTON, June 12-14, 2015
Do plan to bring friends, and to  enjoy the city and the local area while here!