Monday, January 26, 2015

QUILT SHOW PLANNING NOW UNDERWAY in earnest... submission of Quilt Show entries due by March 3 and 4th for our Quilters...

 More Winning Quilts from QUILTS KINGSTON 2012
The Quilt Show planning process is well underway and our quilters are focused on creating the most wonderful selection of all new quilts for this Kingston Show. Viewers from across Ontario and beyond are already planning their visit to Kingston during the JUNE 12 - 14th weekend. 

** The Entry Forms have been distributed to members at Kingston Heirloom Quilters Group and Limestone Quilters Guild meeting and are now posted to our official QUILTS KINGSTON website at:   (just click on the Quilts Kingston Logo here at the blog to go directly to the website for all of your forms)

YOUR entry forms must be received no later than March 3rd or 4th at the KHQ and LQG meetings.

** Members are busy working on their donations to the Members Boutique and from what has been coming in at the local meetings, this will be our best Boutique event ever. We encourage all of our members to create their favourite projects for donation and sharing with the Guild's as this important part of our Quilt Show is filled to the brim with beautiful project pieces. The Boutique Committee members will be collecting through the May meeting, so there is still plenty of time on these winter days to get started on your planned donations.

Each month at our meetings, the show and share table of some of the wonderful small pieces for the Boutique has proven to be a fun filled gathering spot for members.

 ** Specific guidelines for taking photos for attachment to your Entry Form have been provided and are available at the Quilts Kingston website....

It is really important to have great photos of your quilts intended for entry! 4 x 6 only, and printed on photo paper. You will get your photo(s) back after the show. Please, NO STAPLES - paperclips only when attaching items to your entry form.

You will also need to include with your form the photo of your quilt, and small pieces of fabrics from your quilt if the photo is not "true colour" representative, and a small sample of the backing fabric to help the designers as they layout the Show Floor arrangement and choose which quilts will hang back to back with another... so important to ensure that all of the quilts are being shown to their best advantage.

Be sure to go over your Entry Form carefully and ensure that all of your information is printed clearly so that the Committee members translating your name, quilt dimensions and label information to the Quilts Kingston documents for hanging.
Awarning Quilt: Pickle Dish by Diana Hogan 2012

 ** So many small details, but all very important to ensuring that we have a smooth walk into the important production stages of the Quilt Show.

** Don't forget the "Sir John, EH?" Challenge and Quilts by Children special exhibits... are you working on quilts for these categories?

Please direct questions to your Show Coordinators:

Margaret Henshaw for the Kingston Heirloom Quilters: henshaw[at]
Anne Dickson for the Limestone Quilters Guild: anne.dickson[at]